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mueller report part four
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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by kids in cages, pages 8-11.

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The Mueller Report Part Three: The Kids In Cages Edition

Sorry for the long delay. Life kind of intruded in my, uh, life.

There will be a new update every day this week.

Tomorrow: Pages 12-17 summarized by breakfast cereal mascots.


The Pumpkin Prince is threatening to deport millions of illegals out of the country beginning next week. You know what THAT means?


Job openings at Mar-A-Lago.


"Hello and welcome to 'Giggles on the Square'! And now the comedy stylings of Senator Lisa Murkowski!"

" The Mueller report detailed reasons for concern about Russian actions … but that’s why we shouldn’t do anything to protect our elections.” (Actual Murkowski quote)

" Wasn't she great? Give her big hand, everybody. And don't forget to tip your waitress! God knows they barely make enough to feed themselves."


Question: Why is the U.S. military afraid that Trump will give military secrets to the Russians?

Answer: Because they know Trump will give military secrets to the Russians.


"There's never been a time in the history of our country where somebody was so mistreated as I have been." - Donald Trump

Is that a dare? Please let that be a dare.



t-Rump says that Melania is just like Jackie O.

As I recall, Jackie O. married a rich Greek after her husband was murdered by Russians but, hey, you know, whatever.


What do you get when you start cramming refugees into warehouses instead of using long-standing practices to sort out their legal standing?

You get 5000 men, women, children and babies in quarantine for measles and mumps and Cthuhlu knows what other contagious diseases.

That's 5000 so FAR.

So now they're in quarantine, which means either:

1. Expensive and labor-intensive medical care.

2. Letting them die like animals and saying Obama did it, too.

Hmmm, now which path will the t-Rump administration take? It's a puzzlement.


Right-wingers are passing these "heartbeat" laws because a heartbeat can be detected in a fetus (Though only via extraordinary technological means) though not at 6 weeks. That's just an arbitrary time chosen because it sounds good as a sound-bite on TV, plus it's a woefully inconvenient time in a woman's reproductive cycle. That's considered a bonus for conservatives.

But hearts aren't important, people. We've already proved that with heart transplants. Hearts are just meat tinker-toys. They are not the throne of the soul. They're just a pump.

Conservatives could just as easily write "lung laws" or "kidney laws" as they're no less necessary for life than the heart, but they neither move nor make sounds. They're boring.


It's the brain that's most important. It is the essence of a human and it's not transplantable....yet, anyway.
We sing songs about the heart because it's romantic. It's marketable. We have entire holidays that revolve around heart-imagery, but the brain is where all the action is.

Sadly for these conservative misogynists they can't pass abortion restriction based on "brain function" or "conciousness" because the brain doesn't fully develop until after a baby is born. That's a mighty inconvenient truth. For conservatives, anyway.

So here's where I remind you that no baby is born religious. He or she is taught religion by their parents or community. So maybe, just maybe, if we stop teaching our children Bronze Age myths and legends then they won't grow up to pass laws taking away women's rights because the Big White Imaginary Man Who Lives In the Clouds is watching and is taking notes about them in his Big Book of Sins.


end rant

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Mueller Report pages 8-11: Kids in Cages
Page 8: 1-6-17, Trump is told that Russia assisted his election. 5-9-17, Comey is fired and removed from the case. Mueller steps in, which frightens Trump. Trump tries to fire Mueller while obstructing the inquiry.
Page 9: Russia's hacking and media campaigns violated U.S. criminal law. Trump associates Manafort, Papadopoulos, Flynn, and Cohen all lied to the Special Counsel and thus impaired the investigation.
Page 10: Trump campaign officials hid, filtered, encrypted or destroyed data and communications relevant to the investigation. This information would be significant if made available.
Page 11: Special Counsel rules are specified. Mueller can investigate and prosecute perjury, obstruction of justice, and destruction of evidence, among other crimes, tied to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

mueller report part four mueller report  part two