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Mueller report part 5
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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by breakfast cereal mascots, pages 12-15.

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The Mueller Report, Part Four: The Four Food Groups

Tomorrow: Pages 16-19 summarized by insects wearing tiny hats.


Hope Hicks today defied a House subpoena by refusing to answer questions before a closed-door investigative panel. Her lawyer said she had "absolute immunity".

I want to remind all good and decent Democrats out there that Susan McDougal refused to answer three questions in Ken Starr's Whitewater investigation of Bill Clinton and was imprisoned for 18 months on civil contempt.



Yes, Antonin Scalia was 79-years-old but he traveled to a West Texas ranch in early 2016 for rest and relaxation, summarily told his security to beat it, then died in his sleep. Nothing suspicious there.

No autopsy. Nothing suspicious there.

Mitch McConnell spent the next year telling President Obama he could not replace Scalia, that the Republican Senate was saving the seat for "The next president". At the time t-Rump was polling far below Hillary Clinton. Nothing suspicious there.

The Republican Party then spent the entire campaign season saying "You can't let Hillary win the election! She'll put in a librul!" Nothing suspicious there.

The Republican-led Senate couldn't confirm Neil Gorsuch with 60 votes so Mitch McConnell broke the Senate by unleashing the "nuclear option" and thus Neil Gorsuch passed 54-45. Nothing suspicious there.

Then Judge Kennedy unexpectedly retired. His son worked for Deutsche Bank, the one that loaned t-Rump a billion dollars when no other bank would loan him a dime. Nothing suspicious there.

Brett Kavanaugh? He worked for Ken Starr during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He's the law clerk who laid out all the sexually explicit questions that were asked of President Clinton. (Starr was later dismissed from his post as president of Baylor University for mishandling a sexual-assault scandal.) Kavanaugh himself was accused of sexual assault during his confirmation hearing but the Republican majority ignored the evidence and confirmed him with the fewest votes EVER for a Supreme Court judge, 50-48.

Nothing suspicious there. That was just business as usual.

Am I suggesting that the Republican Party offed Scalia in order to facilitate packing the courts with white, male, middle-aged, conservative apparatchiks who will rewrite the American way of life for decades to come?

Noooo, I'd never do that. I'm not that suspicious.



end rant

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Mueller Report pages 12-15: Cereal mascots:
page 12: Mueller was authorized to investigate Manafort, Cohen, Gates, Stone, and two redacted names. Of 14 active cases referred for prosecution, 12 were redacted by William Barr.
Page 13: A description of the personnel involved in the Mueller investigation, including 40 FBI agents. 2800 subpoenas and 500 warrants were served, 500 witnesses were questioned and 80 grand juries seated.
Pages 14: A detailed description of Russia's Internet Research Agency (IRA) and the various and numerous ways it infiltrated U.S. social media to promote the Trump campaign.
Pages 15: Russia used fraudulent accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to spread disinformation to millions of unsuspecting users. One-half of the page is fully redacted.

Mueller Report 5 Mueller Report 3