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Mueller Reprot part 6
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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by bugs in cute hats, pages 16-20.

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The Mueller Report, Part Five: Cute Bugs in Stunning Chapeaus

Tomorrow: Pages 21-24 summarized by anthropomorphized vaginal hygiene sprays.... maybe.


I'm of the ever-increasing belief that people who were actually IN concentration camps should be believed when they say t-Rump's "deportation camps" are concentration camps. They ought to know.

Secondarily, why the hell do we call these things "camps"? It's way too nice a word to append to facilities this ghastly. I think a much better term would be "racist warehouse".

See you tomorrow.


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Mueller Report pages 16-20: Bugs in Cute Hats
Page 16: The IRA was managed by Bystrov and Burchik and funded until 2018 by wealthy Russian Yevgeniy Prigozhin. It was part of a larger plan called "Project Lakhta".
Page 17: 90% redacted. Prigozhin is known as "Putin's Cook" and the two have appeared together in photographs. Footnotes mention the sanction of individuals connected with Crimea and Ukraine.
Pages 18 and 20: These pages are completely redacted except for a single footnote on page 18 defining "internet trolls".
Page 19: 50% redacted. In Spring of 2014 the IRA consolidated it's U.S. operation's under one department called "Translator". It handled social media, analytics, graphics, and IT.

Mueller Report part 4 Mueller Report part 4