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Progressive comic about the Russian aluminum plant in Kentucky.

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It's How Bidness Gets Done

In the Wisconsin presidential race of 2016 , Hillary Clinton:

• Won counties with all-paper ballots

• Lost by 1–2% counties with a mix of paper-based systems and paperless machines

• Lost by10–15% counties with just paperless voting machines.


Fat Hitler is tweeting today that you just can't impeach a president when the economy is as good as his.


The Republicans hounded/impeached Bill Clinton primarily as revenge for daring to raise taxes on the rich. This resulted in a booming economy that gave us all hope that the national debt could be paid off in our lifetimes.

(The Bush tax cuts cut THAT dream short, though.)

The banks couldn't have that. They love the billions in interest they get for free. They still do.They always will.


Trump: "Don, I want you to fire Mueller."

Ex-White House legal counsel Don McGahn: "I can't do that, sir. It's illegal and it would destroy your presidency."

Time passes...

Trump: "Bill, I want you to kill the Mueller investigation."

Attorney General William Barr: "Okay-dokey, you betcha, I'm on it, no problem Mein Fuh-, uh, Mr. President!"


Here is why Republican voters need to stop voting based strictly on party:

Imagine the current state of this country if, after the Bush-manufactured economic crisis of 2007, we had elected a Trump.

I'm not a religious man but the words "God help us all" springs immediately to mind.


And finally: Joe Biden, go home. 76 is not the new 40.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Question: Where does aluminum come from?
Hi, I'm Oleg Deripaska. I'm a Russian oligarch and a friend of Vladimir Putin.
Hi, I'm Len Blavatnik, a business partner of Deripaska, and I've given Mitch McConnell $3.5 million dollars since 2015.
Hi, I'm Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and I just lifted aluminum sanctions against Deripaska.
Hi, I'm a new aluminum plant in McConnell's home state of Kentucky, partially funded by Oleg Deripaska.
Answer: Aluminum comes from the Russian mafia.

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