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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report.

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Nancy Sez

What did the Mueller Report find? Nothing much, except:

1. Russia was out to help Trump, and regarded his victory as a win for them.

2. Trump's campaign welcomed and accepted Russia's help.

3. Trump’s campaign knowingly shared information with Russian agents in hopes of gaining political advantage.
4. Trump covered up both the timing and extent of his business dealings in Russia.

5. The campaign was involved directly in soliciting and distributing stolen goods.

6. Both Trump and the campaign obstructed justice, lied to investigators, lied to Congress, destroyed evidence, and impeded the investigation in every way possible.

7. The only reason that Donald Trump is not currently in jail is concerns about constitutional issues related to the executive—and nothing else.

(And there are at least 40 more pages of the report that are substantially redacted.)

In response Congressional Republicans have leapt into action by taking longer naps and larger bribes from Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Stanley who runs the hot dog cart at Pennsylvania and 18th Street.

Call your Congressmen now. Totally not joking.


When President Bill Clinton was impeached by the Republican House it had the odd consequence of improving his poll numbers, and the Democrats took advantage of that.

Currently, Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that she will not impeach t-Rump in the House for THAT very reason, that his poll number would rise.

Let's get this very straight... the public knew full well in '98 that the Republican Party was out to get Mr. Clinton using any means necessary and that the impeachment was just another example of their spiteful fuckery.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is clearly engaging in unethical and criminal acts as President that require his removal from office, and if the House impeaches him there will be dancing in the streets. The Senate will, of course, not even take up the measure of impeachment resulting in huge numbers of Democratic voters arriving a the voting booths in 2020 to give McConnell and his treasonous pals the boot.

Impeach Trump now!


Here's how I viewed the releae of the Mueller Report
All the sewage in the world has been piling up behind the walls of the Hoover Dam for two years. William Barr stands at the dam's base saying "Yes, I know. It smells bad, but everything is just fine. Trust me."

Then the dam broke.


In comic books there are characters who, for one reason or another, attain super-powers. Some use it for good, some use it for evil.

William Barr is the real-world equivalent of the latter, his power in this case being a thorough understanding of how the law works and its abuse thereof, and is now in the process of destroying civilization for no apparent reason.


Fat Hitler is sweating bullets right now.... but wait'll his taxes are released.



And finally: Pete Buttigieg, you totally rock!


end rant

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If I was Nancy Pelosi:
President Trump, to use his own words, is fucked.
He's been caught in a Russian conspiracy. He knows that Senate Republicans will protect him but only so long as the public remains quiet.
So please call your Senator and demand that Trump be removed from office.
If you don't, we're ALL fucked.

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