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Progressive comic about Bill Barr and the Mueller Report

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No Noose Is Good Noose

Bill Barr's letter in a nutshell:

"Trump isn't guilty, though he could be. The end."

I've been occasionally called a dumb-ass but, hell, even I could have written that.



I didn't hear AG Bill Barr say that t-Rump isn't still an unindicted co-conspirator.

I DID hear him say, in a so many words, that there are hundreds or thousands of pages of grand jury testimony that could, and probably DOES, involve Fat Hitler.

This ain't over.


2016: President Obama was alerted that the Russians were interfering in the presidential election so he asked Senator Mitch McConnell to agree to warn the American people in a bipartisan fashion. McConnell said "No".

2019: All 420 House members, both Democrat and Republican, voted for a public release of the Mueller Report. Mitch McConnell said "No".

It's becoming rather hard to dismiss the possibility that McConnell is hiding something.

Addendum: And yesterday McConnell used small, extruding bits of corn and undigested beef to raise up his stinking turd of a body on the Senate floor and blame Obama for being too soft on the Russians.



And, finally, free @DevinNunesMom!


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Trump: I want an attorney general who'll exonerate me no matter what the Mueller Report says!
Barr: Hey! I'll happily exonerate Trump no matter what the Mueller Report says!
Fascist GOP: We approve this guy who will exonerate Trump no matter what the Mueller Report says.
Red Hat: See? Totally exonerated!
Lefty: Quell surprise.
I called the Republican Senator "fascists" because" didn't have enough room to write "co-conspirators".

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