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Bill Marred

I like Bill Maher. I'm glad we have him on the side of the progressive angels like science, atheism and cheap, freely-available ganja.

However, last Friday, in the "New Rule" segment of his show, he called out the Democratic Party as a bunch of pussies for deciding not to hold any of their debates on Fox News.

Sorry, Bill, but Fox News is nothing but an obvious and obnoxious mouthpiece for the Republican Party, therefore it's an illegitimate venue for anything that requires an even-handed approach towards deciding who the next leader of this country will be without the candidates having to endure inevitable questions about if they still beat their spouses.

Another problem with Fox News is that it's not in every household. Some people have cut that cord and so get their news elsewhere. Better to rely on venues that every American can view in real time, like PBS or the old standbys NBC, CBS and/or ABC.

I'm 100% with the DNC on this one and I'm looking forward to a fun and, hopefully, fair presidential campaign.


Speaking of cable programs, John Oliver had a long visit with Monica Lewinski on his latest "Last Week Tonight" show. He asked her, considering all the negative coverage she received, if she ever considered changing her name.

Lewinski: "Why? No one ever asked Bill Clinton to change HIS name."

Good. Point.


Trump, 2012: "Get rid of the electoral college."

Progressives, 2019: "Get rid of the electoral college."



It took Paul Ryan just three months to go from the House of Representatives to the board of Fox News.

It's understandable. Lying to people every day is a hard habit to break. I'm certain he'll be very happy there.


Trump: “If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

Roger Stone: "I'm taking the Fifth Amendment."


And, finally, free @DevinNunesMom!


end rant

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GOP Mitch McConnell Elephant: When Trump came for the Muslims I said nothing because I'm not Muslim. When Trump came for the Hispanics I said nothing because I'm not Hispanic. But when Trump came for a fellow GOP Senator I kept my mouth shut because Putin Putin might be listening and he OWNS my ass.

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