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Happy Horrodays

The Seasonal Vampires stole what little time I had for cartooning so I apologize for a dearth of 'toons this week, especially considering all that easy Santa-based gag meat I'm leaving on the cutting room floor.

But, as a gift to you all, I'm offer a special set of custom-made, progressive labels, just like the ones above, for all your seasonal packaging. Just click here to go to the page, Right-click on the PDF, download the high-quality version, and print away. They all fit neatly on a single sheet of paper.

Here's hoping you all have a fantastic "Xmas" (or whatever you call your Winter Solstice activity of choice) and let's all wish hard that the Embolism Fairy visits Mar-A-Lago (If you know what I mean) at least once before we all sober up.



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Fuck Trump Xmas labels

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