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Progressive comic about the Russians attacking the electrical grid

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The Russkies (and the Chinese) are without doubt fiddling about in the software that controls the so-called "U.S. electrical grid". (It's a "grid" in the same way that Senator Susan Collins is 'concerned' about the Constitution.)

That's why the scenario I laid out in the above cartoon is more likely than you might think. And if the states hit hardest by this attack voted Blue then you can bet Fat Hitler will play the Puerto Rico card as fast as his fat, tiny fingers will let him and will happily let those states wither and burn.


Yes, the stock market's doing well but that will happen when you give the rich $1.5 trillion dollars to buy their own stock with, not to mention gaming the fed rate to make stocks attractive at the cost of leaving the lending cupboard bare when the next recession hits.

Yes, the 2009 recession has all the earmarks of a pleasant stroll through the park compared to what seems to be coming at us in the coming year.


I'm reading an excellent book about how the t-Rump administration is systematically tearing the government into pieces. It's called "The Fifth Risk" by Michael Lewis and nearly every page makes me want to throw things at the wall. It's definitely worth a read.


Considering all the Jewish pervs being unmasked lately (Weinstein, Epstein, Steven M. Cohen, Netanyahu, Les Moonves, Dustin Hoffman, Jeffry Tambor, Jeremy Piven) I wonder if Adam Sandler might want to add a few stanzas to his Hanukka song. (Grin)


end rant

News & Notes for December 27, 2019

KellyAnn Conway violated the Hatch Act 60 times.

Navy SEAL pardoned by Trump is 'Freaking Evil'.

Trump's tariffs have backfired.

World's 500 richest people gained $1.2 trillion in 2019.

Trump stock market at record levels, but Obama did better.

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Candle burning.
Two weeks ago the Russians hacked the electric grid. All of it.
With no electricity the phones, debit cards and gas pumps stopped working. I'm running short of food and I have no cash. The stores are empty, anyway. Then the water stopped. I drank what was left in the toilet tank. I like to think a President Clinton would have taken the Russian threat more seriously. But we'll never know, will we?

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