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Progressive comic about what Trump will reincarnate as.

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I want to apologize for taking the week off. I was following the impeachment hearings with so much hope in my heart that I just found nothing funny to say.


Another "Republican president"?


Worldwide depression. Next.

Gave us the interstate highway system, certainly, but that was for military purposes and all it did was encourage the burning of more fossil fuels. Major props to him for the "military-industrial-complex" speech but it didn't make a lick of difference, did it?

Conspired with the Viet Cong to steal the election. Eventually sailed away down his river of own sleaze.

Conspired with the Iranians to steal the election. Killed unions, began the slow strangulation of the middle class, and popularized the idiotic phrase "trickle-down economics" which translates to the absurdly wealthy as "We're gonna loot the Treasury! Whoo-hoo!". Should have been impeached for Iran-Contra but Democrats were afraid of looking like that's all they do.

George H.W. Bush
So terrible he lasted only one term. Through his negligence he "allowed" Saddam Hussein to ignite the Unending War in the Middle East we're all still fighting today.

George W. Bush
Conspired with the Supreme Court to steal the election. Was looking the other way when the most massive security failure in American occurred on 9-11. Responded by legalizing torture, introducing secret courts, gutting the Bill of Rights and going to war against the wrong country. And, just for fun, he left the world mired in a global economic crisis.

Donald Jessica Trump
Conspired with the Russians to steal the election. Since then he's followed Putin's instructions on how to turn America into a despotic nightmare that will make Trump's former money-laundering schemes look like a lemonade stand. Eventually wants his daughter to run the country so he can spend all day at Mar-A-Lago golfing and whoring.


Am I at all pissed that the SCOTUS has taken up the case on Trump's taxes?

Yeah. A little.

That shit was settled law, which says "when the Congress asks for taxes, you give it to them". The fact that the Judges didn't send it right back to the lower court means there'll be a 5-4 decision in favor of our new King sometime in Spring or early Summer.



end rant

News and Notes for December 14, 2019

Why is Trump cyber-bullying Greta Thunberg?

Mitch McConnell needs to recuse himself from the impeachment trial.

Conservatives on the Supreme Court say "Fuck you, America!"

Trump tells same story about a Jewish friend, each time using a different name.

Mnuchin's Treasury Department removes three Russian companies from sanctions with ties to Evil Corp.

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Two Buddhist monks.
Master, it is said that when one leads an evil, despicable life they will reincarnate as a lower life form. What, then, will Donald Trump reincarnate as?
An actual Republican.
I see what you did there.

Trump truth? comic psycho trump comic