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Progressive comic about if Trump ever told the truth

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Quantum Stranglement

House Democrats just released H.R. 5433, a bill which will lay bare all of the finances of a senior government official (I.E. the President, also including his spouse and family members) which includes taxes and payments from foreign entities.

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell will give this bill the finger so fast the gravitational forces will open a rift in space-time and three innocent galaxies near Ursa Minor will all begin to smell vaguely of Turtle Wax for the next seventeen rotational cycles.


Republicans keep blathering on about how t-Rump gave the Ukrainians Javelin anti-tank missiles and Obama didn't.

Funny thing about that.

While Obama was still in office Ukraine had not yet met the criteria for anti-corruption and, thus, was not considered trustworthy enough to have the missiles.

Also, prior to 2017, the Ukrainian military was not yet trained to use them. (Obama provided money for that training.)

And though the Ukranians now have Javelins they're not allowed to use them.


Yes. They're stored far from the front lines of the conflict over fears that employing them will escalate the war with Russia.

Who would make such an odd stipulation? Trump, because that would make it easier for Russia to invade Ukraine whenever they so choose.

Javelin missiles are just another vague talking point that sounds acceptable but means nothing. Like "the wall" and "believe me".


Here's something that gives me hope about the present political situation.

President Obama is one smart fellah, and he knows what's going on. For eight years he had an insider's view of where all the bodies are buried. If he suspected that our fragile republic was about to go FOOM! he would be a lot more vocal about it.

Therefore, given the relative quiet from the Obama compound, I believe he trusts that the problem will resolve itself, that the pendulum will swing back before it breaks off entirely. So our duty is to trust our progressive representatives to do their job and to continue to resist.

And by all means VOTE! We got the House last time so let's get the Senate and the White House next.

Addendum: Most importantly, if we put a Democrat in the White House Trump will die in jail.


end rant

News & Notes for December 16, 2019

Mitch McConnell is in literal violation of oath he must take in the Senate trial.

House Democrats accuse Trump of breaking the law.

Fox News poll reveals majority of Americans want Trump impeached and removed.

Republican group asks "What is Trump hiding?"

Impeaching Trump is an extremely popular idea.

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If Trump really told it like it is. Part One.
I subverted the election.
I weakened Ukraine's ability to fight Russia.
I got caught attempting to bribe Ukraine.
I used military aid to force a quid pro quo.
I used my personal lawyer to force Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.
Biden used his power as VP to aid our nation. I used it for personal gain.

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