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Progressive comic about Americans unknowingly speaking spanish.

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Mi Estomago Cuidado

Yesterday I bought small string of seasonal lights for my front window. I just noticed they were "Hecho en Mexico" rather than "Made in China". Works for me.


The following tidbits are from a self-identified ex-White House staffer @AngrierWHStaff. Take them all with a grain of salt but his/her analysis, at least from my perspective, has been solid so far.

Trump will resign, either before Xmas or around March.

March is critical because that's when it becomes very hard for Republicans who choose to vote for his removal to be primaried.

Why does Trump resign? Three reasons:

1. He's unhealthy
2. He's unpopular
3. There's no signs either will improve between now and Election Day.

The polls for Trump are worse than you think.
If/when Trump resigns he gets all the perks of being an ex-President. He gets nothing if he's forced out so expect a non-prosecution agreement.

If there is a trial in the Senate keep in mind that the Senators are just the jury. They get to offer no evidence. It will be up to the White House's lawyers to protect Trump and so far they've been pathetic at all levels.

Trump is unhealthy?

Yes. After his recent surprise visit to Walter Reed his left arm hung like a stunned carp. Perhaps a pacemaker was installed or he suffered possible neurological damage. Either way, his speech has been affected by obvious slurring. This is in addition to clear dementia and a possible drug addiction.

Bonus gossip:

Rudy Giuliani's going to jail or violating the Foreign Agent's Registration Act, at the very least.

If the Parnas accusations prove true then Devin Nunes is toast, too.


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News and Notes for November 29, 2019

Trump evidently lying about "No quid pro quo" call.

The Trump administration is unlawfully detaining a U.S. citizen without charge.

Small American farmers are nearing extinction.

Did you know that the Democratic-led House, the "Do-Nothing Congress", has passed over 400 bills?

Jerry Nadler sets trap for Trump.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Hey, amigo. How about we stampede down to the plaza cafeteria in my Mustang or your El Camino, sit out on the patio, and have some burritos and cervezas?
No problem, dude.
Can you believe these Mexican immigrants? They come here and automatically expect us to speak their language.

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