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Progressive comic about Trump packing the judiciary with hard-line conservative judges.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's nice to have a day off to enjoy a little visiting with the family. Too bad 46 million turkeys and 20 million Native Americans had to die for the opportunity.

Oh, well.


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News and Notes for November 28, 2019

Trump has spent $115 million on golf trips.

The DOJ found no evidence that the FBI spied on Trump.

61% of American women are ready to impeach Trump.

Trump kept two sets of books for his biggest property in Manhattan.

Trump's farm bailout to cost American tax-payers $10 billion this year.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Trump: hose mean old Democrats are trying to impeach me.
GOP elephant: Don't worry. You're doing great.
Sniff, I am?
Why you betcha. Thanks to you we've packed the federal judiciary with hundreds of
hard-line conservative judges. With their aid we'll quite soon be able
to sidestep the Constitution and gut this country like a fish.
And those judges will save me from being impeached?
Oh, geez.Wouldja just ook at the time.

spanglish comic trump ethics comic