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Progressive comic about the Trump ethics office.

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Speaking of Cartoons

Stepping back from politics for a few seconds allow me to recommend the seasonal movie "Klaus" which is currently to be found on Netflix. It's a very clever re-mythologizing of the Santa story. More on that in a minute, but first....

This 90-minute animated feature is breathtaking from a technical standpoint. It's almost purely hand-animated, then given a 3D appearance through the use of clever shading filters. For me, hand-animation beats computer animation any day. It's just more flexible and, well, animated, than the rubber dolls being squished and flexed in-computer these days. (See trailer)

The writers deserve a lot of credit as the story has a lot of dark, Charles Addams-y edges, even a few "adult" ones, woven throughout. This movie is so good it really deserved more than the one-week theatrical release (For Oscar reasons) that it received. That being said, I have two quibbles with it.

First, the protagonist (A self-centered postman) is voiced by Jason Schartzman doing an 85% impression of David Spade's Kuzco from "The Emperor's New Groove" (Also a fave!). If they were going to do David Spade they should have GOT David Spade to voice the part as it would have kicked the whole production up a notch.

The second thing about this Xmas movie that bothered me is that it isn't an Xmas movie. It's a story about Santa, and the Santa Americans know and love is more about Coca-Cola than the birth of Jesus. I know. I came from a family that believed in Santa, not Christ. We celebrated "Crissmiss" not "Christ Mass". So when, about 70 minutes into the film, the good guys (spoiler alert) decide that Santa's (Klaus) toys would be great to give to children on Christmas I went "What?". The story dwells on this intrusively Xtian aspect for about 12-and-a-half seconds and then goes right back to doing its weird thing.

I'm an old softie. I like a well-done Crissmiss story and I like this one a lot. Please do check it out.

And, finally, much love to everyone who contributed to this production, not the least of which is Netflix itself without whom this movie would have never happened.


end rant

News and Notes for November 26, 2019

Trump throws Giuliani under the bus.

Trump invited to attend the impeachment hearings or keep his pie-hole shut.

Melania Trump booed at opioid summit.

Trump is undermining the military chain of command... on purpose.

Texas Republican party plans to create hundreds of fake web sites to post negative info about Democrats.

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