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Progressive comic about fox news blinding viewers to reality.

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Impeachment Coming Into Focus

What Sondland described today was not just a president trying to get an advatage over an adversary, he described an organized criminal organization.


What the Republican-led Senate does next is either save or doom this country.


Impeachment hearings are underway. Incriminating information flowing like water.

Trump makes emergency trip to hospital.

Nope. No connection.


This House testimony against the Giant Orange Man-Baby has been so damning it's almost like McConnell has told the witnesses to go right ahead and tell all the truth they like, because the Republicans in the Senate won't vote to remove even if tapes of t-Rump banging teenyboppers are made available in HD on Youtube.

And then t-Rump's behavior will be accepted as the new norm and we're all fucked.


Schiff: "The majority now yields to the minority for 45 minutes of Fox News sound-bites."


Devin Nunes: "The Democrats had Ukraine hack the DNC servers so that they would lose the election then blame it on Trump just so they can impeach him. I read it on a Snapple cap so it must be true!"


GOP: "Okay, now our witness, Volker, is on the stand. He'll teach those danged Democrats a lesson."

Volker testifies for five minutes.

GOP: "Volker was a Never-Trumper! Who knew? Damn those Democrats and their partisan witch-hunt!"


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News and Notes for November 20, 2019

Pompeo resigning?

Army providing security to protect Col. Vindman and family from Trumpers.

Seven officials have now confirmed that Trump extorted Ukraine for Biden investigation.

Trump is not only a criminal, he's also evidently blind as a fucking bat.

Gordon Sondland describes obstruction of justice by Mike Pompeo.

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When you look through these lenses of racism and misogyny what do you see?
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I'm now adding a Mueller Report filter. What do you see?
A stable genius.
Okay, now how about this unending stream of government employees alleging bribery and extortion.
I see the Chosen one.
Guy wearing dark glasses, cane and Trump 2020 shirt, MAGA hat.
Optometrist: I'm sorry. You've got Fox Newsaracts. There's nothing I can do.
Nothing you can do about what?

trump ethics  comic Yovanovitch hearing  comic