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Progressive comic about Fox News blaming Ukraine for Trump's crimes.

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Oh, Those Seaky Ukranian Bastards

Tucker Carlson: "I'm gonna be the bestest, most traitorest Putin fuck-puppet ever!"

Devin Nunes: "Hold my beer."

Lindsay Graham: "No, hold MY beer!"

Mitch McConnell: "Hold my six-pack."

Bill Barr: "Hold my keg."

Trump: "Hold my Budweiser Clydesdale beer cart."


Lindsay Graham: "Trump, it's become clear to me and my fellow Senators that you need to resign."

Trump: "You forget something, Lindsay. I have a secret about you that could ruin you."

Graham: "Very well. Do your worst."

Trump: "Hey, everybody! Lindsay likes boys! He's one of THOSE kind of guys. Oooh, isn't that icky?"

Everybody: "And? You mean... that's it?"

Trump: "Uh-oh."

(Editors note: The part about Graham growing a spine is a total work of fiction. Do not get your hopes up.)


end rant

News and Notes for December 3, 2019

Devin Nunes is up to his ears in Trump's conspiracy.

Rudy Giuliani is fucked.

GOP: "Yeah, Trump is guilty but we don't care."

Adam Schiff: "The uncontested facts show that Trump solicited a bribe."

Fox News Tucker Carlson is all-in for Putin.

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Tonight on Fox Hoax News
The Ukranians paid a hooker $120,000 and wrote Trump's name on the check.
The Ukranians ruined Mr. Trump's first two marriages by spreading rumors about his tiny hands.
The Ukranians promised Hillary they'd stop our president from building a wall between this country and Mexico.
The Ukranians killed mr.as trump health care plan are making billions off of Obamacare.
Ukranians made Trump's casinos fail and made his oatmeal lumpy and made his father hate me, I mean, him.

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