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Progressive comic about Trump being a tool of Putin

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Last week Senate Republicans voted to give billions to a Russian oligarch, but not paychecks to thousands of desperate Americans.


In the old days con-men would look for yokels and sell them a bridge. Today's con-men sell them walls.


In what world do good men defend evil men? So if the GOP is defending Trump does that not make them the "bad hombres"?


Recruit: "I want to join the military and protect my country, sir!"

Sergeant: "That's great! We need strong young men like you!"

Recruit: "Uh, I'm actually a woman, sir."

Sergeant: "Trump says 'Get fucked', you freak!"


I think the right-wing will welcome a black female president... because it would ensure another four years of Hiroshima-level of hatred and chaos from the conservative base.


The Trump administration makes MLK Day a LOT more meaningful. Sort of like celebrating Xmas with Satan as president.

Although, now that I think about it, evangelicals more or less are enjoying having a Satan AS president.


t-Rump visited the MLK memorial today literally only long enough to get a photo taken before leaving. About two minutes in all.

Surprisingly, that was more time than he spent at Arlington on Veterans Day, which was none.


Here's how to make sure you don't vote for a Russian agent as president in 2020:

(1) Vote for someone who's been in government for many years and has a proven track record. It's not that hard.

(2) Vote for a Democrat.


Fat Caligula now wants to address "the tragedy on our southern border" by stealing billions from tax-payers to build a pointless wall to appease a base that would like to continue to hang black people for fun.

If that creature in the Oval Office hadn't been sticking kids in cages there'd BE no tragedy on the border.


Senate Republicans won't vote against t-Rump's wall because the Koch brothers will primary against them. But if they don't vote against the wall they'll lose the Senate because they sat on their hands while people suffered and the country crumbled.

All to support a president* who will be indicted for felonies before the next election.

This illustrates just how caustic Republican politics have become. Party over country, uber alles.




end rant

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