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Progressive comic about the modern definition of capitalism.

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Spelling It All Out

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

- Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 22 October 1945.


Studies have shown that if you're wealthy in America you probably had wealthy parents.

Yeah, we have the odd anomaly like Bill Gates, the Google lads, or Steve Jobs but they rode the crest of Big Wave of technology that hit in the 1970s. Click this thumb for a more detailed view of income in America.

family income chart


I'd like to offer a huge note of THANKS! to all the federal workers who stayed on the job over the course of that ridiculous government shutdown.

That being said, the moment Trump does Shutdown II please walk off the job immediately. Thank you.


A man shoots and kills 58 people in Las Vegas but authorities find no motive and close the case.

The hell with "motive".

There's no motive when a tiger eats you.

There's no motive when a cobra bites you.

There's no motive when a rabid dog attacks you.

We're chimps with guns. This is not hard to figure out.
And chimps never leave suicide notes, even when it's clear that a particular mass shooting was not a sudden, impetuous act. Right?

My firm belief is that there is almost always a manifesto left behind, however short. But these are never, ever released to the public because the last thing we want to give all the other chimps with guns is a relatable rationale to which they can, some dark day, embrace as precedence.

We'll always be animals who will find a way to kill its kin, neighbors, or complete strangers. Can't we at least slow the death rate down a little by banning rapid-fire murder machines? Is that really too much to ask?


Conservative's say Medicare For All will destroy the insurance industry.

Well, yeah, but....

There'd still be auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, etc. The insurance business would be just fine.

There's no reason for individual health insurance. It's a scam designed to shift your money to the pockets of insurance CEOs. And the higher the prices for health care the more yachts they can buy. It's a death spiral that results in YOUR death.

We need Medicare For All.


I keep hearing from conservatives sources that Hillary Clinton lost the election because black voters didn't respond like they did for Mr. Obama.

Let me remind everyone that in 2012 the Voting Rights Act hadn't yet been gutted by the SCOTUS.


The Texas AG saying 58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas since 1996 is exactly like saying every Texas citizen who's had sex since 1996 was a virgin because they were virgins in 1996.


When No-Collusion McTwatfaffle had the fealty of both houses of Congress he was a hell of a negotiator.... at least according to Fox News. But now that the House is blue suddenly he has no interest in legislation, because he's having to converse with adults and he doesn't possess the necessary language skills. The bills Nancy Pelosi is going to place in front of his adderalled head might as well be in Chinese.

So it'll be shutdown-this and emergency-that until Mueller finally frog-marches him out of the White House.




end rant

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Teacher: Billy, can you define capitalism?
Billy: Sure, it's where those who are born rich screw those that weren't.
Teacher: Now, Billy, you know that's not right.
Billy: No shit, Sherlock!

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