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Progressive comic about fruitcake wall idea.

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Two Turds with One Stonelike Confection

The fruitcake.

Square, dense, unloved, indigestible, unfathomable, a burden on us all.

Just like Trump.

The perfect wall material


It was amusing to hear Nancy Pelosi tell t-Rump he can't give the SOTU in Congress until he ends the shutdown.

But it was hilarious when she said "But you can write it down and send it to us."

"Write it down."

God, that woman's wicked funny.


Federal Employee: "I need to get paid for working!"

Boss: "Sorry. Shutdown. No money."

FE: "Then I quit!"

Boss: "Fine. Who else wants this job?"

Unemployed Person: "I do! What's it pay?"

Boss: "Nothing."

UP: "Say what?"

Boss: "And you have to pledge allegiance to Trump."

UP: "Say what-the-what?"

Boss: "I said 'Elections have consequences'."


t-Rump fed the Clemson players junk-food because that's the sort of thing he likes.

I'm surprised he also didn't offer them underaged prostitutes, an assortment of Mexican kids in cages and a poster-sized print of Putin's ass to kiss.


Senator Lindsay Graham's campaign manager had ties to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and was also a key associate of Paul Manafort.

Ho-hum. Just another bombshell in the midst of this treasonous Republican blitzkreig.


I am not a crook.

I did not trade arms for hostages.

I did not not have sex with that woman.

I did not work for Russia.

"I'll take 'Three phrases that could ordinarily get a president impeached and one that did for some stupid reason" for $100, Alex."


How dumb does the GOP have to be to not see the shutdown's debilitating effect on almost all aspects of life in this country?

Not dumb at all.

In fact, the GOP thinks the shutdown is working out great for them. Because in the midst of chaos it's easy to steal. And if, for example, you quit funding agencies like the FBI, which is currently the case, how long before there's no one left manning the investigative parapets?

Let me say that again.... Mitch McConnell is getting paid, the FBI is not. That is exactly the plan.




end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: Here's a snazzy idea! You know those fruitcakes you got for Xmas?
Mail them to the White House.
And tell Trump to use them to construct his wall.
After all, what better material for a fruitcake's fruitcake idea than fruitcake?
Trump in MOFO hat: Make Our Fruitcakes Obstructive

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