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The progressive web comic about the excess sugar in almost all our food.

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Sickly Sweet Nothing's

I guarantee you that some people will look at the list of foods in this cartoon and muse to themselves "Well, aren't there SUPPOSED to be sugar in all those things?"

Well, no. Not really. In fact, while researching the 'toon I was mildly surprised to learn that we don't cram a little sugar in our caviar and pemmican. (What? There ARE carbs in pemmican? Really? Shiiiiiiit.)

This 'toon actually stems from an eye-opening anecdote I heard concerning excess sucrose in the American diet from a visitor from the UK who said that the bread we sell in our stores is so sweet it's like a dessert. In fact, while visiting the U.S. he had to fight everyday to avoid the cavalry charge of carbs aimed right at his stomach in every bakery, 7-11, grocery store and restaurant he encountered. He said he basically lived on eggs and beef jerky while he was here in a desperate attempt to save his pancreas from going FOOM!

It also stems from the fact that I wanted to fuck with Mary Poppins.


John McCain has invited President Obama (And, sigh, Dubya) to read the eulogy at his funeral. Meanwhile the Giant Orange Man-Baby has pointedly been disinvited.

Would that McCain had shown this much decency while in the Senate.


I'm not much for the religions but I was delighted today to watch Father Pat Conroy, our once and future Congressional chaplain, slap Paul Ryan in the face with his giant Catholic schlong.


Why why, WHY would The giant Orange Man-Baby torpedo President Obama's Iran deal?

1. Because it was Mr. Obama's Iran deal.
2. Because it will fracture NATO.
3. Because it's going to make Vladimir Putin a LOT of money from Iranian oil.
4. Because Russia gets to build nuclear power plants in Iran.
5. Because U.S. gas prices and oil company profits are going to sky-rocket.
6. And now John Bolton will get his war in Iran... maybe even before the mid-terms.

This decision by our Horny Overlord is "Invade Iraq" level of stupid.



end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Mary Poppins:A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
kids: Well, duh!
Beg pahdon?
Here in America it makes everything go down.
Like ketchup spaghetti sauce salad dressing sports drinks roasted nuts frozen waffles dried fruit white bread low-fat yogurt protein bars applesauce fruit smoothies vitamin water..