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The progressive web comic about the Iranian atomic accord.

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Bums Bomb Iran

I'm not afraid of Iran having nukes. I'm afraid of ANYONE having nukes. Mr. Obama made a splendid effort to dwindle the supply but Trump thinks they're spiffy. Every home, school, and church shoud have one.

The country most afraid of Iran's nukes is Israel, which is the beneficiary of the Neocon/Dominionist plan to remake the Middle East one country at a time, in order to ensure that Armageddon goes off according to Biblical plan.

Yeah, there's oil, too, but that's just a bonus.

Dick Cheney was very public about this scheme, which began with the destabilization of Iraq and stretched into Syria and Libya. Iran's the last piece of the puzzle and you can bet the American public will be happy to sit back and watch our brave patriots bomb that country back into the stone age after the inevitable false flag attack on American soil.

Yeah, we're gonna party like its 2002 again.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Why did Trump pull out of the Iran accord?
The official answer: Because it was a bad treaty. Bad, bad, bad. Really, bad. Just bad.
The honest answer: Because you can't nuke a country for building nukes unless you allow them to build nukes.
Trump's answer: Because Obama's black.
The real answer: Putin has a pee-pee tape.