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Hello, Fellow Traitors.

In a late  Monday afternoon tweet the venomous blob of RNA infesting the Oval Office called members of his staff "traitors" for leaking the bat-shit crazy antics of their boss.

Yeah, nothing like a mild threat of a stiff prison sentence to earn the respect and admiration of your crew.

Yeah, he has all the best traitors.


Because our Giant Balding Obese Orange Man-Baby decided to put a plaque on a building that is not actually the new American embassy in Jerusalem fifty-five Palestinians were killed and 2500 were injured by Israeli security forces, who will no doubt kill many more Palestinians in the near future. You can do that after you've stolen a people's land, systematically walled its inhabitants inside an increasingly smaller area, deprived them of food and necessary supplies, and then dare them to complain about it.


Monday also featured Melania Trump getting a surprise kidney operation. I wonder why they bothered as she's just going to die someday anyway. That's not me being cruel, that's the official White House view on mortality.


Finally, after several false starts (and, ahem, legal stumbles) the very first Raging Pencils book will be ready some time in late May, warts and all. I'm doing my best to make it worth your hard-earned dough and, yes, I'll even have some signed copies on hand for those who prefer their physical media pre-vandalized. Stay tuned.


end rant

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