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Listening Between the Lines

This cartoon is a reaction to the peculiar "Laurel/Yanny" audio clip currently dominating popular media. Heck, even PBS's "News Hour" spared us a few moments to explain what otherwise seemed to be some sort of secret code. What we learned was that different ears/brains hear different things. Like when liberals say "birth control" and conservatives hear "We're sending large black men to rape your daughters". Or when liberals say "We need to do something about income inequality" and conservatives hear: "We're sending large black men to rape your daughters."

Kinda like that.

And, yes, I realize today's "comic" is little more than an ad hominem attack on a person who, had he not been born into sleazy wealth, would be selling used cars somewhere, but it surrrrre felt good making it.


Book Update: The publishing date of the first Raging Pencils book MAY get pushed back a little as I'm keen on re-imagining and redrawing a number of comics that had to be removed from the site. I'll keep you posted.


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