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The progressive web comic about thoughts and prayers.

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Thoughtless Prayers

It occurs to me that the latest White House quisling, the first being that reeking pile of dung, Dubya, is the exact opposite of Mr. Meseeks.

ne is blue. One is orange.

One says "Can do!". The other can't do shit.

One sees the treasure that's inside all of us. The other sees the Treasury.

One can help your golf game. The other charges you millions so he can play golf.

One is skinny. One is obese and lies about his weight.

One disappears once he's completed his task. One wants to be dictator for life.

One becomes terribly frustrated and may possibly die when his objectives cannot be achieved. The other declares bankruptcy and launders money for Russians.

One is a cartoon character and the other... never mind.

Both will fuck your wife given the chance, though.


Lest you think I'm being too hard on our favorite Bronze Age mythical being in today's comic, think again. If you believe thoughts and prayers can change anything then thoughts and prayers can cause all manner of violence, too. All you have to do is pray hard enough.


I rented a copy of "Black Panther" last night. I can't go into details about how disappointed I was or I'd be here all day but let's start with the most migraine-inducing plot point:

A secret civilization that's been at peace for many, many years has their king killed by an interloper and his first order of business is basically "Kill Whitey". And then the palace guards are like "Yeah, okay, sure. We can do that because we're mindless tools who have no safeguard against this kind of insanity."

Again, a country which has existed free of white imperialism and world war is all-too-happy to start slaughtering other countries using their zippy fantastic whiz-bang vibranium technology, plus armored rhinoceroses, just because the previous king lost a wrestling match. (You see, these are primitive black folk, and they don't understand parliamentary procedures so they have to resort to wrasslin' matches to establish the line of succession. Fuck me.)

Otherwise, novelty car chases, bad CGI rhinos, high-speed mag-lev trains in a region about the size of downtown Cleveland, good acting in that ridiculously reserved "ST:TNG" manner, token white people, stunning technological achievements cheek-by-jowl with women attending cook-fires... just another movie for 13-year-old written by 12-year-olds.

Yeah, I know it's a comic-book movie but considering all the dough it raked in I expected SO much better.

One last thing.... it's great that there's a black super-hero (I just wish he was more "super", you know? He's basically a strong guy in a carbon-fiber suit of armor.) but what I really need to ask is: Where are all the Chinese super heroes? And Indian? We're talking over two billion people here, six times the population of America, which means there should be six Justice Leagues or six Avengers. Six Supermen, a half-dozen Spideys, and the Fantastic Twelve. Just sayin'.


end rant

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