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The progressive web comic about institutionalized racism in the police department.

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It's All In The Cards

How likely is an unarmed black male to be shot and killed by the police versus an unarmed white male?

Try three times as likely.

For the record, an unarmed Hispanic male is 2X as likely to be shot and killed. Still unacceptable.




I'm getting really tired of Robert Mueller's languid pace in investigating Trump's Russian conspiracy.

I mean, Mueller only asked for 70 subpoena's today. What a slacker.



The Dumpster-Fire camp is in total disarray today. Giuliani in particular seems to be inviting further investigations from Mueller, so you know what that means?

It means the Republicans keep the House and Senate this November because the voting machines are TOTALLY hacked.

Not much else makes sense.


I hope some day in Washington, preferably in the White House, there exists a large painting depicting Robert Mueller kicking over the tables of the money launderers.


I wish I could take every person that voted for Trump and rub their nose in the huge pile of shit he's created. They wouldn't learn anything from this, as they're all ignorant savages, but it'd be GREAT FUN for me!


I had an idea for a comic that I REALLY wanted to do today but for a reason that will become perfectly obvious it's better that I didn't.

So I'll just describe it for you:

By a lazy river bank we see David Devin Nunes laying down against a tree, fishing pole in hand. Nearby we see Paul Ryan eating a huge, ripe slice of watermelon. Their conversation is as follows:

Ryan: "Impeach de prez'dent? Lawsy! I ain't got no tahm fo' dat. Ah bin workin' mah po' bones to de stumps trahna ketch them ol' owl kahdas."

Nunes: "We's all gwine up tah Hebbin soon anyways."

The caption would, of course, be "House Niggers".

The real reason I didn't draw this comic is that it was too subtle. <Grin>


end rant

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