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I Hope It's A Run-On and On and On and On Kinda Sentence.

The Orange White House Christo-Fascist took the opportunity on Memorial Day to hawk his crappy Chinese-made products via Twitter.


Therefore, I hereby vow that after t-Rump is dead and in the ground I will make the pilgrimage to wherever his stinking corpse lies and take a ceremonial dump on his grave.

I hope everyone's with me on this. We could call it "The Million Turd Two-Step".


I'm not updating my privacy policy which, by tradition, is "You show me your privates, I'll show you mine."


Book Update: I kinda forgot about the Memorial Day hootenanny so I got pushed back a few days. The cover art is in progress (Deciding on a single title from among a zillion good ideas was tough, baby.) and I'm inserting as many easter egss as is humanly possibly. I should have the first copy ready for a test print this week. If all goes well, copies should be available in early June.

For the record, the title of book numero uno is "If You See Something, Draw Something."

As for the cover art, use your imagination. Mine needs a vacay.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Trump in spelling bee, called a grifter bee. Diplomacy, tariff, shakedown, patriotism, suckers, I has huge nukes. The nexy word is collusion. I demand that be used in a sentence.
Judge: Sorry, Mueller does all the sentencing.