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The progressive web comic about gun safety features.

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(G)UnSafety Features

Sorry, I was unabe to crank out a new cartoon so here's a favorite of mine from May of 2013. Stay tuned as I have a good one on the fire for Friday.

Keep your stick on the ice.


"You've chosen 'Hypocrisy for $200'. The answer is 'Mar-A-Lago, the White House, and the RNC'."

" What is: Name three places where guns aren't allowed."


Looking at the gun control from a "mental health" perspective is scary as this is literally a "thought crime" narrative.

How quickly will we go from institutionalizing someone for making gun threats, to someone making gun jokes (We're already arresting people for that) to incarcerating people for "dangerous ideas"? You know, ideas like "Maybe the Republican Party is conspiring with Russia" or "Maybe we need to rethink the Second Amendment."

So let me just say that maybe we need to rethink the Second Amendment. While I have the chance.


end rant

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Comparative Safety Features
Car: Designed to transport people from point A to point B.
safety bumpers, body designed to crumple safely on impact, anti-lock brakes, shatterproof glass, license, inspection, rearview mirrors, radar detection, headlights, brake-lights, side lights, defroster, airbags, padded dash, run-flat tires, keys, locks
Toaster: Designed to make toast.
Stay-cool top and sides, anti-tip-over sensor, bread lift, cut-off switch, auto shut-off timer.
Gun: Designed to kill people.