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River of Blood

Big-Fat-Bald-Headed-Tiny-Hands Hitler is down to blaming movies and videos games for America's gun crisis.

As I recall, we all watched a LOT of Three Stooges shorts as kids but never in recorded history has someone walked into a school and killed a dozen kids with an anvil.


Last Valentine's Day an armed man walked into a church. Congregants managed to disarm the man but when the police arrived they shot the innocent person holding the gun.

So, yes, let's put guns in schools. What could possibly go wrong?


Florida is going to raise the age to purchase a gun to 21.

Ummm, how many mass murderers were under 21 and bought their own guns? Like... one? This 'solution' fixes almost nothing.

If Florida was serious about this they'd raise the minimum purchasing age to 121. (The oldest person on record lived to be 122, so there's hope for at least one gun sale.)


1:00 PM: Congress passes strict federal gun control.
1:01 PM: Toddler finds gun and shoots playmate.
1:02 PM: NRA: "See? Gun control doesn't work!"


Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz reads Dr. Seuss books during filibusters and says "Liberals are all like Lisa Simpson".

Among Republicans this is considered intellectualism.


What's more dangerous, a gun or a car?

Gun-wackos keep saying that cars are as dangerous as guns, yet when Adrian Harry drove his car into a crowd of pedestrians in New York City he only killed 8 people. While Stephen Paddock killed 53 in Las Vegas. Do the math.

But those are just kid stuff. If you really want to kill large numbers of people then preach anti-vaccination, or be a climate-change denier, or manufacture cigarettes or, best of all, develop an infrastructure that depends on petroleum wars.

Yeah, you can kill a LOT of other people that way.


end rant

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The Republican position is that banning all semi-automatic weapons is well outside the mainstream.
So whatever is in the mainstream is your problem.
river of blood filled with dead kids
GOP elephant holding AR-15.