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The progressive web comic about the GOP selling its soul to the NRA.

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Second Opinion

I have many ideas for easily solving America's mass murder problems yet still maintain the current definition of the Second Amendment, and here are two:

First, let's limit the use and ownership of guns to actual well-regulated militias for, say, four years. Everyone turns in  their guns and we store them away. Then, four years later we can decide what to do next.

Second: Since we already have laws restricting the actual rate of fire of weapons (I.E. no fully-automatic weapons) why not attach simple timing devices on guns which would limit their fire to maybe one shot per minute. This leaves plenty of time for most typical uses of guns (robberies, suicides, jealous rages) but will severely limit the possibility of mass killings.

Technical Note: Today's comic originally appeared 11-17-14. New comics to resume on Wednesday.


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