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The progressive web comic about the GOP selling its soul to the NRA.

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How the Gun Lobby Works

I'm going to say this just as nicely as I can...

If you own a gun and you're not using it to regularly put food on your family's table then I hope that you get shot.


And I hope it's in a place that really hurts, like the heart of someone you love.

And I hope that person doesn't die immediately. I hope they linger for a while so they can look up at you with pleading, questioning eyes, wordlessly blaming you and your Smith & Wesson Penis Enhancer for having failed them.

I want you to lay awake at night for years to come wondering how you ever thought owning a gun could afford any type of protection from someone else with a gun.

I'll say this again:

(1) You cannot protect yourself from a gun with a gun.

(2) You cannot outrun a bullet.

(3) The bad guys always shoot first.


IRS: "Hello. Internal Revenue Service."

Me: "Hi, there! Do you guys accept thoughts and prayers instead of money?"

IRS: "No. Thoughts and prayers aren't worth anything."

Me: "Okay. Just checking."


The Right knows that "thoughts and prayers" is understood by the general populace to mean "We really don't care about proles and we know they'll just forget about this massacre in eleven days. Works every time."

And yet they keep on using the phrase.

They're laughing at us.

They're laughing at our dead kids.


The Second Amendment specifically cites "A well regulated militia" but it's flat out ignored?


Suppose instead it read "A parade of clowns, being necessary to the security of a free State" or "Three wise men bearing gifts" or "A gaggle of orthodontists wearing chipmunk suits". Would we ignore something that obvious, too?

In at least one of those cases it would seem to me that chipmunk regalia would be the minimum requirement to own a gun, as would being part of a well-regulated GODDAMN militia.


I have a new name for anyone who still supports the Giant Fat Bald Mango-Baby in the White House:



Today's cartoon originally appeared 9-14-16. Have a great weekend, everyone.


end rant

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