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Progressive comic about the Mueller investigation of Donald Trump

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Signs of the Times

The GOP has been caught rigging the election in North Carolina. Good thing that's the only place it's happened.




"The rule that you can’t indict a sitting president should not apply to crimes that MADE a person the sitting president."

- Richard Hine


Will the world EVER trust the American election process again?

Probably not.

Fuck you, Donald t-Rump!

Fuck you, Republicans.


"So we can shut down federal agencies, the mail service, and the stock market on a moment's notice but we can't plan far ahead in advance to give everyone a day off to vote for the candidate of their choice. Really?"

- Bryan Tyler Cohen


It took until December 4th for Republican Senators... to understand that Jamal Khashoggi was murdered at the behest of bin Salman.

What the hairy FUCK do those guys do all damn day?


A Personal Note:

There were no Raging Pencil 'toons for the week of December 3-7 because I knew something was about to happen and it made almost all the other spew that comes out of the t-Rump camp just so much noise. Now that the treasonous cat is out of the bag we can begin skinning it with more precision... so to speak.

Happy Holidays, dudes.


end rant

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Trump as driver of car, to cop: Yes, Officer Mueller. I'm drunk and I stole this car, but you're fat and ugly and my friend here (GOP elephant) is the mayor so why don't you take your little book and fuck right off."

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