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Progressive comic about Trump's tariffs killing the small farm

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Signs of the Times

You may be asking yourself "All this week the news has been filled with Russian intrigue. So why the hell is Lefty making cartoons about farm bankruptcies?"

Well, it's because I read something earlier this week that broke my heart and that was that farm bankruptcies this year have reached levels that surpass those of the 2007-09 recession, and it's all due to Herr Schmuckface's tariffs.

Considering that this is supposed to be a booming economy <cough> that's no mean feat.


For those that haven't grasped the significance of recent revelations regarding t-Rump's secret plan for a Russian hotel it's because he was doing it while sanctions were in place. That's a HUGE no-no and he ,and his family, have been caught red-handed.


Here's some schadenfreude-filled prognostication:

In the next couple of weeks Mueller lowers the boom on t-Rump and Pence, who is every bit as complicit as his boss. They both broker a deal to resign without jail time before the end of the year, putting Paul Ryan's maliciously boyish butt in the Oval Office.

That would be the smart political move.

However, if T&P decide to tough it out impassioned public pressure upon the Senate to take action on their treasonous perfidy would eventually result in a President Nancy Pelosi.

Eat it, Mitch.

Okay, now what if Pelosi chooses Hillary as her Veep?

Yes, it could happen, requiring only a majority vote in both houses of Congress. The Senate might grumble but they'd have to approve her. What objections could they possibly have? That she ran a pedophile ring in the basement of a pizza parlor? Pfffft!

Okay, now....

What if Pelosi then decides to step down and let Hillary become President?

It would be the most gratifying kick-in-the-nuts to the GOP possible.

(My money's on the second possibility as Schmuck D'Orange isn't leaving the White House voluntarily. He'll probably barricade himself inside the Oval Office and only give himself up once he runs out of Diet Coke.)


Maybe it's just me but when Twittler used the term "cool" to describe his Russia deal it sounded to me like when black comedians imitate white people. Just hilariously wrong.


The Giant Orange Man-Baby has recently decreed that all federal employees are prohibited from using the words "resist" or "impeachment" while on the job.

It's like a slug saying that no one can mention "salt".


As for 41 kicking the bucket, here's a an interesting statement he made back in 1987:

"I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God."

Rot in your little imaginary Hell, George.


end rant

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