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Progressive comic about Trump getting eaten by climate scientists

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The Kids... They Get It.

Sometimes I do these cartoons juuuuuust for me.



t-Rump is taking 16 days off for the Xmas holiday. I guess after driving the deficit to over $200 billion for the month of November (A new record!) he feels he deserves a rest for a job well done.

And for good measure he's shutting the down the government on his way out the door.

Merry Xmas, suckers.


Last I heard, Combover Caligula has cancelled the annual White house Xmas party.

There are several reporters who've said they would not have attended it anyway.

I dunno.

Seems to me there'd be a hefty modicum of enjoyment looking Combover Caligula in his beady little eyes and asking him which federal penitentiary he thinks will have the best room service.


"So we can shut down federal agencies, the mail service, and the stock market on a moment's notice but we can't plan far ahead in advance to give everyone a day off to vote for the candidate of their choice. Really?"

- Bryan Tyler Cohen


In the 1950s Republicans were looking under every bed for Russians.

Today they're actually in the bed WITH Russians.


When Trump is impeached, or resigns, we need to make the day a national holiday as a constant reminder that democracy is fragile. So how should the day be celebrated?

I'll start:

It'll be called "MuellerDay". On TV there will be annual showings of "All the President's Men", "Network", "The Manchurian Candidate" and "A Face In the Crowd". There will also be a national competition for "Biggest Fool" and the winner will be awarded the title of "Honorary President". He will be crowned with the ceremonial giant yellow combover wig-hat and a dual-purpose red necktie/noose. The grand prize is all-expenses-paid trip to the Hague and a dinner at McDonald's. In his honor, two underage prostitutes will come to his hotel room and pee the bed.

(Notice I used the pronoun "He" in the above description. That's because no woman honestly elected president could EVER be as stupid or corrupt as Trump.)


end rant

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Kid watching TV: This just in: President Trump has been set upon by climate scientists, ripped apart, and eaten alive.
Elf: Are you ready to see Santa, little boy?
Kid: That's okay. I already got my Christmas wish.

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