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Progressive comic about Trump being eaten alive by the 2019 baby

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Sadly New Year

The initial temptation today was to create a comic that dwelled on our L'il Emperor's the many embarrassing and actual deadly mistakes he has made over the past year. But I instead chose to go with something that offers hope for the future.

Go get 'em, Nancy!


Now, seeing as we've come to another moment in space-time that we, as humans, arbitrarily consider the "end" of a year I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who come to visit my cranky little website and waste a few valuable moments of your lives appreciating the finer of the progressive arts. I don't know how you got here but please keep coming. We're all in this together and I grow strength from your karmic delight.

I also want to single out those who throw a few shekels my way in appreciation of my efforts. This both humbles and amazes me and I lurves you all!

Finally, I hope to bring you, in the coming year, at least one or two cartoons that involve court scenes and public flogging. Here's hoping.

Happy "New Year" to you all! See you in "2019".

Let's roll!


end rant

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Trump talking to the 2019 old man father time, walking into mouth of giant 2018 baby.
Don't worry. I handled you.
I can handle 2019.

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