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The blame Shame Game

In a tweet today, December 29th, our Putin-appointed twatwaffle blamed the latest partial government shutdown, his third thus far, on the Democrats in response to them not giving him the kazillion bucks he needed to share with all his corrupt buddies, uh, I mean, to build his wall.


In 2017 China imported $40 billion worth of soybeans from the U.S.

In November the amount of U.S. soybeans imported to China numbered zero.

As in nothing.

As in nada.

As in"Oh, F*CK!"

Thanks to the Shah of Shutdown's tariffs.


Trump: "I own the shutdown. Uh, I mean, the Democrats own the shutdown. No, wait! The Mexicans on the shutdown. Or is it Obama? Yeah, Obama own it. Nope, nope, nope, it's Hillary. Hillary owns the shutdown. <begins crying> My mommy owns the shutdown. I want my mommyyyyyyy!"


Remember how surprised you felt when you learned that Nixon had taped himself?

What if Trump really HAS taken nude selfies.



Big Fussy Mango Baby is threatening to close the southern border if he doesn't get his wall.

So the musical question is... if he can shut down the border, why does he need a wall?


Trump's tariff's just cost U.S. farmers $40 billion in soybean sales to China.

Why, that would have been enough to build a wall. A great big beautiful wall. I guess we'll just have to let the Mexicans pay for it after all.



Words of wisdom from writer David Frum:

" Don't let controversy over Trump signing souvenirs for a small number of carefully prescreened troops distract you from fact that the military as a whole disapproves of Trump's leadership very nearly as strongly as the rest of US society."


Mike Pompeo, our Secretary of State, talks about the Rapture like it's a real thing.

It's like having a government official who uses Magic cards to define our economic policies.


end rant

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