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Progressive comic about kids asking Santa for impeachment

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Ho-Ho-Holy Shit!

Me: "I can hardly wait for the 25th."

Friend: "Me, too. I'm already getting a little Christmas burnout."

Me: "I meant the 25th Amendment."

Friend: "Hallelujah!"


There's a conservative GoFundMe page to help finance the construction of t-Rump's wall...

But there's also a GoFundMe page to buy ladders for Mexicans.

Liberals. Gotta love 'em.


t-Rump: "I own the shutdown. Uh, I mean, the Democrats own the shutdown. No, wait! The Mexicans own the shutdown. Or is it Obama? Yeah, Obama owns it. Nope, nope, nope, it's Hillary. Hillary owns the shutdown. <begins crying> My mommy owns the shutdown. I want my mommyyyyyyy!"


At the next presidential debate I think we need to have both candidates compete to assemble an Ikea dresser. If we'd done that last time t-Rump would STILL be sitting there with the allen wrench inexplicably stuck up his ass.


If the Red Hats want a wall, let them go buy the land and pay to build it themselves. That's libertarianism.

Otherwise, their plan is to use tax dollars to buy the land and that's dirty old socialism. Right?


Who are the Kurds?

They're America's partners against ISIS and al Qaeda.

Where are the Kurds?

In Syria.

Why is t-Rump leaving Syria?

Because Putin wants a port in the Middle East.

What will happen to the Kurds when we leave?

Putin will kill them. All.

Why is t-Rump doing this now?

Because Mueller is about to lower the boom on him, and t-Rump's allegiance is to Putin, not America.


Holiday Note: I'm taking a few days off for seasonal self-replenishment so the next Raging Pencils won't be online until next Friday, the 28th of December. So Hoppy Halidaze, everyone!


One more thang: The price for my Treasonous Weasel figures have been reduced to $20 each, with free shipping. See button below.

For the record, I'm gifting all of my higher-level Patreons with a free Weasel this holiday season. It seems the least I can do to reward their generosity. As for the buck-a-month-ers, I shall heft a hearty flagon of hot chocolate in your honor this cold December night. With a bug in it.

If you're not already a financial supporter of this comic then consider this a modest inducement to join the Raging Patreoni in future.

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end rant

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Chldren waiting in line to see two Santas. Two signs are over their heads. One says toys, one says impeachments.

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