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State of Disunion

Think the Republicans are scared of the truth about the Russia investigation?

09/30/16 GOP Blocks Probes Into Trump-Russia Ties

12/11/16 Obama and Congress Knew About Russian Hacking—And They Did Nothing (context: "McConnell was nakedly partisan in his decision to stifle the intelligence", "[Obama] wanted bipartisan support—and when McConnell rebuffed this effort ... the White House decided to take the cautious route to “name and shame” the Russians").

12/12/16 McConnell rejects special panel for Russia election allegations

02/14/17 Speaker Paul Ryan declines to support independent Russian investigation after Flynn's resignation

02/27/17 GOP intelligence chairman Devin Nunes: “There’s no evidence of anything” regarding Russia-Trump campaign contacts

03/01/17 House Democrats Lose Another Bid To Investigate Trump, But Don't Plan To Quit

03/21/17 Day 1 of "Devin Nunes colluded with the White House to obstruct the Russia probe" (Timeline here)

03/29/17 House Republicans cancel all hearings on Russian investigation, blame Democrats

05/09/17 F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump
05/10/17 James Comey Fired: McConnell Rejects Calls for Prosecutor

05/10/17 Paul Ryan rejects calls for special prosecutor in Russia investigation

05/17/17 GOP blocks House vote on independent Russia-Trump investigation

05/31/17 Nunes ‘acted separately’ from House Russia probe by unilaterally issuing subpoenas on ‘unmasking’

June, 2017 01/25/18 Trump moved to fire Mueller in June, bringing White House counsel to the brink of leaving

08/28/17 Republican floats measure to kill Mueller probe after 6 months

10/10/17 Nunes Subpoenaed Firm Behind Trump Dossier Without Telling Democrats

11/03/17 Republicans seek special counsel's removal from Russia probe

~December, Nunes leading multiple House Intelligence Committee Republicans in a secret investigation into Mueller without telling the Democrats in committee (in an obvious effort to discredit Mueller and the investigation he's leading)

January 2018, Nunes memo bullshit


I just read that the maker's of Tide, some time ago, added a bitter tasting ingredient to the coating on its laundry pods to keep infants from eating them.
Let me tell you a story...

When my niece and nephew were about eight years old they came to visit me for the weekend. I was told "no sweets" by their parents, which was was okay with me but I was also a prankster uncle with a pack of pepper-gum who knew what these kids wanted. I pulled it out of the sock-drawer and said "Who wants gum?" and they were like "I DO! I DO!"

So I watched them eat it, tears cascading down their rosy cheeks as they desperately chewed this stuff, knowing it HAD to be sweet and tasty because it was gum. Right?

Tide, dudes, stop making poison look like candy. Yeah, you'll lose a buck or two from idiot buyers who reflexively buy it because it looks like a Gobstopper but you'll still make enough profit to afford the spare yacht. Trust me.


end rant

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Let's see… Sound and picture off, subtitles set to "truth", and we're all ready to go.
[…the rich are richer, health care is more expensive, Mexico is not going to pay for the wall and, thanks to a Republican Party which also dances to Putin's tune, America is closer to a fascist oligarchy than ever before. God bless all you stupid voters and fuck the United States of America.]
It's the only way to watch the State of the Union.