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The progressive web comic about those goddamned computer voting machines.

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Voting Machines of the Damned

I'd like 2018 to go down as the first year ever that a giant man-baby was both impeached and divorced.


I hope by this time next year Trump is barricaded in his mansion, painting.

No, I take that back. By next year I want him being regularly rogered by his white domestic terrorist cellmate.


Washington: "I cannot tell a lie."

Trump: "I cannot tell a lie."

Can you tell which one is the lie?


It must be comforting to the RNC to know that there will always be 32% of the American electorate who will always vote for them no matter WHAT their candidate does or says as long as he is racist like them. Pedophilia, dead school-kids, hungry people, sick people, it doesn't matter. That vote is safely in the bank.


The GOP is complaining that members of Mueller's team donated normal-person money to Democratic candidates, yet aren't making a peep about Betsy DeVos who gave millions to the GOP Senators who confirmed her.


Here's a grim yet enlightening pair of statistics:

Nationwide, half of all suicides are by gun.

In New York, which has strict guns laws, only 1-in-9 are by gun.

Maybe having a gun handy ISN'T such a great idea.


Larry Nassar is a scumbag but he's just a symptom of a disease I call "The Olympics". After a hundred years of this event we've pretty much hit the measured limits of human capability, at some point there will conceivably be no records broken, so it's been devolving for some time into nothing but a corrupt money pit limed with nationalism. The athletes are carefully marketed to you as noble and pure, which most no doubt are though for reasons that escape me (cough) the Russians won't be there this year in any official capacity.

The Olympic Committee has long known about the Nassar's of this world but they and the general public have intentionally turned a blind eye to them because advertisers bet big wads of green cash that OUR 82-pound waif hits the quadruple-doohickey better than THEIR 82-pond waif, and therein lies the problem. Those young women were not just victims of an opportunistic sleaze-ball but of our winner-take-all mentality, and this one incarceration is just a pause before the next Olympics scandal.

To which I say "End the Olympics", to which you'll no doubt respond "NOOOO! I LOVVVVE them!". Really? Then tell me all the ways you spend your time and money supporting your local gymnastics team, or fencing team, or bobsled team. The Olympics have become freak shows marketed to you like the soda pop and pimple cream ads that bracket them. (And, whether you like it or not, part of the stimulus for the network reporting of the sexual abuse of gymnasts was as much for salacious ratings as for justice.)

The reality is, the moment the Olympics stop being profitable to the networks is the moment they end. So is its existence truly valuable or are you simply made to think it's valuable?


end rant

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