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Paid Assassins

"What kind of Congressman do you take me for?"

"We both know what kind you are, we're just determining the price."


By the looks of things thus far in Stumblefuck's presidency the GOP has decided to make it crystal clear to anyone with a pulse that their party platform is "Making a permanent underclass a reality."


Here's what the GOP health care bill is really all about:

Republicans want to give their masters a huge tax cut and one good place, as far as they're concerned, to find the money is Medicare. If they take it from Medicare they're NOT INCREASING THE FEDERAL DEBT which is how they can pass the bill with only 51 votes. (Any other "tax relief" would require 60 Senate votes.)

For Republicans, it's a three-fer. (1) It makes it LOOK like they're "repealing" Obamacare and (2) the Medicare money will come back to them as campaign funds.

The best part for the GOP is that (3) old people, poor people, and brown people, will suffer.


The GOP condemnation of the CBO score of their health plan is undercut greatly by the fact that the CBO's scoring of the ACA was dead-on accurate for percentage of newly-insured, and only over-estimated the total number of newly-insured because the SCOTUS unexpectedly cut the legs off the Medicaid expansion.


Final thought on the Jon Ossof race in Georgia:
Everyone knew it was a safe district for Republicans, deeply Red and heavily gerrymandered, and yet the GOP had to spend almost $50 million dollars to just barely keep it.

On to 2018.


You know those trials where the police shot and killed citizens? Those juries were carefully chosen to reject anyone with a bias towards law enforcement. I've been called to serve one of these sorts of trials and before they even begin the voir dire you have to answer a questionaire about your opinions on guns and cops.

Needless to say, I didn't make the cut.


end rant

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Big Oil: I need you to kill someone. Here's fifty cents.
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