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You may be wondering why I haven't updated the comic for the past two weeks.

It's simple.

I'm dog-tired of the Great Orange Buffoon driving the public conversation with his various poots, farts, and tweets. It's like having a single national TV channel that shows only episodes of Honey Boo-Boo, forcing everyone to talk about her because that's all there is.

This makes my brain hurt.

I know that a frog-march and a long prison stay is in Mr. Pee-Tape's future so I constantly search every corner of the 'net for clues every moment of every goddamn day. Unfortunately this healthy need for his fat orange head on a pike blinkers my peripheral progressive vision from matters that used to be important before we were cursed with a narcissist with his hand on The Button. So I'm trapped in the land of "Fuck! He's still president!" for the duration.

I still have an inward need to skewer the 2nd Amendment, to protect the polar bears, and to convince people to stop eating animals so I'll just have to do my best.

Bear with me.


Remember the fake Ark they built in Kentucky? Get this:

In the beginning they were a for-profit enterprise that needed tax breaks, then they said it was a non-profit ministry in order to avoid paying taxes, then they became a for-profit entity just long enough to sell the land it sits on (worth $18 million) to the non-profit part of the business for $10 (Yes, ten dollars) in order to avoid paying taxes meant for nearby schools.

Religion. Nice business to be in... if screwing kids is your priority.


We're the only country on this planet whose leader won't appear in public without full make-up.


Maybe I'm crazy, but perhaps we can slow the spread of terrorism by not selling weapons and ammunition to just anyone who shakes a satchel of money in our faces. (And by "our" I mean any munitions-manufacturing country.)

Yes, I know it's a bit more complicated than that but I'll bet many of those bullets ISIS is shooting at our allies have "Made In USA" written on them. We can control that pipeline if we wanted... which suggests "someone" doesn't want to.


Donald Trump, Jr.'s diary:

Monday: Denied meeting with Russian lawyer.
Tuesday: Admitted meeting with Russian lawyer, but that was all. No serious stuff.
Wednesday: Okay, had to admit a Russian spook was in the room, too.
Thursday: And a cannibal, but we didn't eat anyone.
Friday: Lisa Murkowski tastes like chicken.


Anyone want to bet the Rooskies have a tape of the DJT Jr. meeting at Trump Tower?


Not long ago on CNN a moderator was talking to six Giant Orange Baby-Man voters, asking them important questions of the viewed through the lens of Redhatistan. Over the course of the 5-minute segment one of the voters basically said the following:

"It's Obama's fault that Trump got elected because he didn't tell the country the Russians were hacking the election process but, yeah, I'd vote for Trump again because he's opened a dialogue with Putin."

Darwin was exceedingly over-optimistic.


NASA reports that it doesn't have the money to send humans to Mars.


We don't need to send people to Mars. It's an infantile fantasy. We'll have ruined this poor planet we live on LONG before we have the technical expertise to do anything but engage in suicide missions to the Red Planet.


Suppose the Russians had bombed the DNC headquarters right before the election, killing thousands of people. And we knew, without a shred of doubt, that it was, indeed, the Russians who did this. Would you be shocked, angry, and appalled if the new president not only ignored the attack but invited those responsible into the White House and shared military secrets with them?

The Russian attack on our election process was no less of an attack on America than if they had used real bombs, and the president and his party obviously don't care. So how in HELL are the very houses of government that have turned their backs on the people of this country not currently in flames?


I recently read a story of a man who, because of throat cancer, lost his ability to speak, swallow, taste, or smell. He was a man who once loved fine dining but now gets his food through a hole in his abdomen.

The final words of his story was to remind us all to not take our food for granted. "Don't just eat", he says, "Savor everything."

This advice, of course, extends to almost everything that we do, even something as simple as standing up from a chair and walking across a room.

Every moment is a small miracle. Savor everything that makes you happy.


end rant

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What's a good replacement for obamacare that the democrats would support? Medicare for all. Lefty, baby, dog, cactus in pot. GOP elephant. Risk pools. Tax cuts. Man, you got to be a genius to figure this out. This is driving me crazy. I can't eat. I can't sleep. The press is killing me. It's impossible. There's just no reasonable solution.