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Artless and Heartless

The CBO score says that up to 27,000 additional Americans will die per year as a result of the Better Health Care Act. That's equivalent to the entire Senate dying each and every day which, come to think of it, doesn't sound half bad. (At least, the Republican half.)

First and foremost though, the BHCA is not a health care bill, it's a tax-cut bill, and unless you're already rich you will see no benefits. In fact, if you're poor your child is more likely to die.

Yes, the BHCA is a child-killer bill. But as Republicans always say, "Love the fetus, hate the child."


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How about this one? You could have a million dollars but someone's child had to die. Would you take it?
That's horrible! Who would say yes to something that heartless?
Senator, how do you vote on the health care bill?
Republican GOP elephant sitting on bags of insurance lobbyist money.