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Remember When?

Remember when the Republicans allowed the banks to drive the economy into the ground in 2008, and then rewarded said banks with a $700 billion dollar gift on their way out the door?

Remember when the Republicans stole the government with the help of the Russians and the first thing they did was try and gift the richest Americans with $800 billion dollars in Medicare money?

Remember when the Twin Towers collapsed on 9-11 and the Republican response was, "Oh, well. Shit happens. Who needs an investigation?"

Remember when it was discovered that Russian interference may have given a reality TV show host the Presidency and the Republican response was "Oh, well. Shit happens. Who needs an investigation?"

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?


Our Toddler King is so oblivious to anything outside his immediate field of vision that if the next iteration of the Republican health care bill included foot-binding, curling lessons, and coprophagia he'd say it was the greatest bill ever.


No Republican can answer the question:

"What healthcare problem will this bill solve?"


T-Rump: "We'll put solar panels on The Wall and it'll pay for itself."

Where have I heard this before? Hmmm. Oh, yeah!

Donald Rumsfeld: "We'll use Iraqi oil to reconstruct their country."

Two trillion dollars later.....


The only legislation the President has signed thus far has concerned the naming of post offices. That's it. Seriously.

No wall, no destruction of ISIS in 30 days, no jobs program. Nothing.

So the first REAL legislation will result in a nearly trillion-dollar tax cut for the rich and a lot of poor people dying.

But.... her emails.


In case you missed the mouse-over: The Republican Party promised a "laser-like focus" on job creation back in 2010. We're still waiting.


end rant

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