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We Don't Deserve This

New GOP slogan:

"We've lowered our standards, now up yours."


Future Headline:

Thousands die of asphxiation as a result of Trumpcare being crammed down their throats.


Funny thing: Ossoff led Handel by 10,000 votes in early voting, so we're supposed to believe that Democrats just early-voted and called it a day? In a race where polls had Ossoff leading by 2 points on election day? In a district that Trump only won by 1.5% (Romney won it over Obama by 23%)

Something stinks.

The exit polling was supposed to be made available once the polls closed but I can't find them. If I find anything I'll let you know.


The White House is slowly killing its press briefings because bullies and cowards don't need to answer your questions.

They want to kill traditional news media so that no one knows what they're doing.

They won't address Russian election interference because they like the results.

This is the modern Republican Party, and they literally and empirically hate your freedom.


The WH has decided there will no more recording devices allowed at press briefings. Okay, then...

Hire actors to act out transcripts of the briefings during newscasts and give them creative freedom. IMAGINE the possibilities.


end rant

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