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At Least They're Dishonest About It

Imagine for just a brief moment if, in 1996, the GOP had the merest inkling that a video recording existed of Bill Clinton cavorting with hookers and peeing all over one another. The Republican Party would have moved Heaven and Earth to find it.

Nowadays there's a good possibility that such a recording of t-Rump and his Rooskie Urine Sprites exists, which means that by denying its existence he is guilty of lying to the America people and that, as you recall, is what they tried to impeach Clinton over. Not just the crime, but the cover up.


Wanna know how t-rump is finally realizing how much he's fucked up?

He's going to Camp David this weekend.

(He HAAAAAAATES that place.)


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: So you don't care about the president's sex scandals?
GOP elephant: Nope
Or about the president's real estate scandals?
Or that he might be obstructing justice?
Unless it's Bill Clinton.
What's your point?