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The progressive web comic about the repeal and replace of Obamacare.

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Repeal, Replace, Repeat

They didn't repeal Obamacare but they certainly signed a death sentence for a lot of sick kids, poor people, and seniors.


The GOP is big on claiming everyone will have access to health care.

Keep in mind that you have "access" to a new Porsche, if you visit the showroom, but you ain't driving one home.


In case you don't understand the Trumpcare high-risk pools they work like this:

You take all the healthy people and make them pay for insurance they won't use. (Lots of profit for the insurance companies that way.)

If you get sick you get thrown into the high-risk pool, which is often so expensive most people can't afford it and will either go bankrupt or die.

Got it?


House Republicans devised a plan to kill thousands of Americans, then asked the Senate to make it look like an accident.


Trump: "Ya gotta vote for Trumpcare."

GOP Congressman: "Yeah, but if I do I'll get killed in the mid-terms."

Trump: "Don't worry. The voting machines are rigged. You could shoot someone on Main Street and you'll still win."


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