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A Farce In The Crowd...

Should we not begin consideration of a Constitutional Amendment specifying further minimum requirements to become President outside of the simplistic "born here and be at least 35" stipulations?

How about minimum 5 years experience as governor or at least 4-6 years Congressional/Senatorial experience, just as a start?

Whaddaya think?


Democratic Party! You want the people to love you more? Promise to not run individual campaign ads for president until 1/1/20.

Until then, you can pay for "30 seconds of soothing music and pretty images, courtesy of the Democratic Party" all you want.


I'm increasingly of the opinion that, even without the House or Senate, Hillary would have kicked ass.


Dubya has made over $25 million in speaking fees so you can all just shut the fuck up about Mr. Obama's measly $400k.


Redhats boycotted 'Beauty and the Beast' because of a vaguely-gay storyline. Meanwhile, they're demanding Stephen Colbert be fired because he called Trump "Putin's cock-holster".

Are they homophobic or PC? Make up yer minds, dudes.


United Airlines treats passengers like criminals, so American Airlines responds by reducing legroom by two inches.

Ahhh, capitalism.

(Is it me or this the sort of tale that would have originated in the old Soviet Russia?)


It's sobering to consider that had the West lost World War II there would be no Colonel Klink.

We came THAT close, baby.


So t-Rump, a Democrat who ran as a Republican, has given his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is a Democrat and has taken $250 million is loans from famously-liberal George Soros, the authority to rebuild the government.

Yup, just another day in Washington.


Q: What do you call a Republican who smokes pot?

A: A Libertarian.

Since 2014 there have been riders in the government budget forbidding the DOJ to interfere with state laws regarding marijuana. It's in the new budget, too.

Jeff Sessions must be miffed. He seemed so amped to break a few proles on the wheel for toking the Devil's Weed.


Reince Preibus, speaking for the president, says they're "looking at" changing the libel laws.

Do you know what that means? This means using the forces and almost limitless monetary and legal reserves of the U.S. government to shut down the free press, to stifle any news channel they don't like, to banish blogs or tweets or anything or anyone who dare says anything negative about Donald Fucking Trump.

They mean to oppose all dissent.

It doesn't matter if they have a snowball's chance in Hell of succeeding, it's that they are even thinking about this that's important. And if they're discussing this monstrously un-American thing out loud just try and imagine what they're thinking secretly. Then try harder, as this country depends on us.


end rant

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Faith healers, Trumpcare.