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Loathe Is...

It's perilous to make a "Love is..." reference because I'm undeniably certain there exists a vast wedge of the American population blissfully unaware of this cloying confection of a comic. Which is unfortunate as the literally undying love between the comic's main characters perfectly reflects the relationship between the Oaf of Office and his gullible, throbbing mob of sycophants.


t-Rump is all interested in the Civil War now.... probably because President Bannon intends to start one.

(I wouldn't put it past t-Rump to incite civil war in this country just to take the focus off his Russian connections.)


t-Rump promises big changes in first 100 days, fails at everything, whines about "unfair 100 days thing", then spends $1.5 million on national ad, running today, about how effective he's been as president.
(1) That's pure propaganda.
(2) What a pathetic little man.


Until recently Trump apparently seemed to have believed that, as President, everyone would have to do anything that popped into his fat mango noggin.

Republicans elected a 4-year-old. Good work, morans.


It's becoming clear that the only Republican policy that has been effective over the past 17 years has been calling Mr. Obama a muslim.


Alex Jones lost custody of his children.
Bill O'Reilly lost custody of his children.

Republicanism is not healthy for children or other living things.


Trump 2016: Would use torture to get information.

Trump 2017: "Flynn? Flynn who? Don't bother me while I'm putting."


Republicans will spend millions attacking a Democratic candidate ($3.5 mill, Jon Ossoff) but won't spend a penny making certain the National Security Advisor doesn't have Putin in his trousers.


Obamacare: Years of preparation. A full year of public forums, then 25 straight days of legislative debate and 160 Republican amendments before the bill was finally passed, 60-39, on Xmas Eve, 2009.

Trumpcare: "Here's an idea I had at lunch today. Oh, crap! Where'd it go? It was, like, on a napkin or something."!


end rant

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