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The progressive web comic about Trump being a gold-digger.

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Gold-Diggers of 2017

I heard it again this morning, on NPR no less, that Judge Neil Gorsuch "was Trump's great success as president."

No. No, he wasn't.

President Obama's choice for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland, would have easily gotten 70 votes if Mitch McConnell had allowed his nomination to come to the floor. Gorsuch barely got 50 votes, and those were strictly along party lines. The Senate actually had to change the freaking rules in order to approve this man.

Regarding the "Nuclear Option", it was as if all the big kids on the playground voted among themselves that it's legal to push the little kids around.

Unsurprisingly, it took exactly one day on the Supreme Court for Gorsuch to show a clear corporate bias in a case concerning grievance procedures. And the only lawyer he didn't question on Mondaywas the one who testified on Gorsuch's behalf in the confirmation hearings. That's not how law works. That's cronyism.

Gorsuch may have been a success by Republican Party standards but it was a massive fail for the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the 99.99%.


Do you think the reason t-Rump golfs so much as prez is because he knows he'll soon be spending a lot of time in the comfy confines of the Crossbar Hotel?


You can hack computers. Ergo, you can hack computer voting machines. That would take a lot of money and influence to achieve. Good thing this country is owned and operated by those only interested in helping the little guy.

You know, like Trump.


I think Google is onto me.

A couple of months ago I set Google to search for "Trump hotels" each time I opened my browser. The top result was usually a Trump hotel ad which, I know from experience, would cost the advertiser (Trump) anywhere from $20-$30, possibly more, each time I clicked on it. I go to Google many, many times a day and I always took time to click the ad so this was adding up.

Anyhoo, for the past five days no ads have resulted from the search. It's possible my IP has been flagged so I'm asking others, like you, to take up where I was left off. Thanks!


end rant

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