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The progressive web comic about Republican rapaciousness and greed.

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Long, Long Time Ago...

I created this cartoon back in March of 2011. Back then I was just poking fun at a class of greedy, rapacious assholes I thought I'd never see in power again.

Who'd a-fuckin' thunk?


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screw the debt ceiling
How unsurprising.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

I'd like to start with a chilled Constitutional reduction followed by the poached Social Security, a Supreme Court surprise, filet of tax cuts, well done, the Monopoly Plate special, heavy on the deregulation, some deep-dish war-profiteering, with extra earmarks, a slice of immigrant scapegoat, an order of corporate subsidies in a red-state wine sauce, the Union Buster with cheese and, for dessert, I'll have the double-dipped pension plan. As for the lady, she can go fuck herself.