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The progressive web comic about Trump's tax returns.

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Assume the Position!

For the record, I created and posted this 'toon about two hours before t-Rump's 2005 tax returns hit the media. The suspicion is that t-Rump himself released this particular return so it would, presumably, be the least offensive. All it proved is that without the AMT he would have paid 4% in tax. And that without a billion-dollar loss back in the 80s he'd probably owe more than he earned.


If Paul Ryan's healthcare bill is passed it will reduce current levels of coverage back to 2009 levels. So all it REALLY is is a trillion-dollar tax cut for the rich.

Yes, that's how bad it is.


I have this theory that we get programs like "Survivor" because it's an effective way of demonizing socialism. If you think about, "small government" Republicanism is just another way of saying "I got mine, Jack! Enjoy your ramen and your poisoned water!"


Republican Wayne Brady, Chairman of the Way and Means Committee, on job growth:

2017. Unemployment 4.7%. 235,000 jobs created: "This is a great report. Our economy is moving in the right direction."

2016. Unemployment 4.9%. 242,000 jobs created. "It's disappointing to see so little growth."

Hmmmm, I wonder what the difference between the two reports might be. Hmmmm. It's a complete mystery.


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